Specialist Vehicle Security Bollards

Welcome to London EV Chargers, where innovation meets security in the realm of electric vehicle charging. Our state-of-the-art Vehicle Security Gates are designed to provide a seamless and protected charging experience for electric vehicle owners.

Bollard FAQ’s

1. What is the warranty on the bollard?

  • 24 months

2. How is the bollard operated?

  • Via an app on your phone, via Bluetooth up to 20m.
  • The bollard can be operated remotely from anywhere in the world over the internet.

3. How long does the battery last?

  • On average 30 days.

4. What happens if the battery runs out?

  • You can use the manual override key if you wish.
  • Additional battery packs can be purchased.
  • We have an emergency battery converter which can be used for a limited number of operations while the battery charges up.

5. What about software updates?

  • Software updates are conducted over Wi-Fi.

6. Do I need to stop my car in the road to operate the bollard?

  • No, the app can be programmed to operate the bollard when you are within operational distance.

7. How do I know the bollard has raised once I’ve driven off?

  • The app will notify you the bollard has raised when you are driving off.

8. What happens if the post is damaged?

  • In most cases, the post alone can be replaced, as the housing is undamaged.

9. Can a thief hack the software on the bollard?

  • Great lengths have been taken to ensure this is not possible.

10. What is the bollard made of?

  • Heat resistant industrial grade 304 Stainless steel.

11. Bollard dimensions?

  • Height above ground 700mm
  • Depth below ground 920mm
  • Diameter 150mm
  • Bollard wall thickness 3.5mm


Some Of  Our Installations

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